Winter Pup Care Tips

It's going to be a cold winter this year. Imagine going outside without clothes. Now, turn your attention to your furry little friend. If you, as an owner, is considerably unprepared, they're going to be cold too! If only doggy winter clothes were as durable as they were adorable. Here are some tips to make sure your pooch is as warm and cozy as you are for winter.


1) Paws

Salt may melt the snow, but they also hurt your pups’ paws. Salt causes dryness which eventually leads to paw cracks and other complications for your favorite pooch. Ideally, you'd want to avoid all traces of salt contact with your pup, but that’s just unrealistic during Canadian winters. The best way to counteract the effects is to make sure to wash your pup's paws after being out and make sure they don't eat the salt.



Snowstorms are going to happen frequently this year! Do not ever forget to keep your leash attached to your pup because they can lose their sense of smell amidst the snow. Always remember the most dogs get lost during winter, so make sure your pup is wearing their collar and dog tags. Consider steering clear of ponds, lakes, and creeks because dogs can easily slip or jump in.




 Blow drying your dog

Living in the Great White North, I'm sure there have been instances when you've seen your freshly showered hair freeze because of the weather. It's the same thing for your pets! If their fur is wet and they step outside, they're going to turn into adorable little icicles. This first tip goes without saying, "Make sure your dog is dry as a bone before going outside".


4) Antifreeze


Antifreeze is extremely sweet, but it's also toxic. Its scent can attract children and animals alike. It’s hard to go without them during the season. Make sure to store them in an unreachable location. As effective antifreeze is, maybe use those that use substitutes such as ethylene glycol as opposed to propylene glycol.


 5) Cars

dogs in cars sticking their head out of their window 

During the summer, keeping your pets in an unattended car is punishable by. The sun is usually the cause of the warm temperature, but in winter there are varying degrees of temperature involved. The car might be too cold, or the heat may be too high. If you ever see a dog alone in a car during winter, let the owner know. If the owner cannot be reached, contact your local animal control agency for further action.


Stay tuned dog lovers and share these tips with all your loved ones!