4 Road Trip Tips - Dog Edition

Road trips are a great way to bond with the family. In today’s society, we have become much more reliant on technology taking us away from person to person and person to pet interactions. The open road and beautiful scenic routes allow us to connect with the outside world and our beloved family. Preparing for a road trip can be daunting. To make your planning a little bit easier, Petsavvi’s has come up with a few tips and tricks to make sure your family and pup are safe and comfortable during travel whether it be to visit family for the holidays or the cottage.

1. Backseat Safe Haven

Otto Dog Harness keeping dog safe in the car

This is where the Otto Dog Harness comes in! Petsavvi’s core product ensures your pup will be safe and comfortable! The Otto Dog Harness can even be transformed as a leash, making it easier for road trips.

It goes without saying that the safest place to keep your pup in the backseat! While there are safe options for keeping your pup secure in the car such as a crate, it does not allow them to sit up or look out the window which can also lead to car sickness. Petsavvi’s Otto Dog Harness is an innovative product has the ability to both secure your dog during vehicle transportation and act as a walking harness. The easy to use Otto Dog Harness is compatible with all car seatbelts. Seatbelts are an important safety precaution for humans as they restrain us during collisions, so it is important to take the same safety measures for our furry family members. In addition to keeping your pup safe during a frontal collision, it will restrict your pup to one seat preventing them from possibly climbing out of the window or better yet, distracting the driver.


2. Keep Your Windows Up!


Dog sticking his head out of car - dangerous

Dogs love to stick their heads out of the window to feel the wind blowing on their face. While it may be an adorable sight, there are many things to keep in mind when allowing them to do so. Objects, no matter how big or small can come flying towards the dog and get in their eyes, nose or mouth causing health issues. Dogs are also likely to try climbing out of the window if they see something that peaks their interest. Keeping the windows at a respectable level will allow them to get the fresh air, but also limit any injuries.

3. Doggy Car Sickness

Car Motion sickness dog


Motion sickness isn’t fun for anyone let alone your little pup. To avoid car sickness, make sure to take many short breaks for longer drives, this allows both you and your pup to stretch. It can also be beneficial not to feed them for at least four hours before the trip. This will reduce your chances of your beloved pup getting sick. If your pup isn’s used to being in the car, begin with short trips around the block, increasing the trip length gradually.

4. Identification

Dog Id Tag by DogIDs

Begin by ensuring that your furry friend has a form of identification attached at all times, this could be in the form of an ID tag which can be purchased at your local pet store. An ID tag should include the following information: updated phone number, addresses, and any relevant contact information. It is important to have this information displayed in case your pup has gotten off leash or snuck away when you turned your head. Having owner information displayed on the dog's ID tag will give owners a piece of mind knowing there is a way to be contacted should such situation happen.


Share these tips with a friend who goes on road trips with their furry friend!