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Winter Pup Care Tips

It's going to be a cold winter this year. Imagine going outside without clothes. Now, turn your attention to your furry little friend. If you, as an owner, is considerably unprepared, they're going to be cold too! If only doggy winter clothes were as durable as they were adorable. Here are some tips to make sure your pooch is as warm and cozy as you are for winter.   1) Paws Salt may melt the snow, but they also hurt your pups’ paws. Salt causes dryness which eventually leads to paw cracks and other complications for your favorite pooch. Ideally, you'd want to avoid all traces of salt contact with your pup, but that’s just unrealistic during Canadian winters. The...

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Why dog safety during vehicle transportation affects us all & how Petsavvi is making the world a safer place

Dog safety during vehicle transportation is a topic not many speak about until an accident takes place and a dog and potentially dog parent(s) are severely injured or killed. Why do we have to wait until a horrible incident like that takes place in order to start using a dog restraining device? The Center for Pet Safety is actively raising awareness on this matter and it has even created its own set of standards for dog restraining devices to follow. For more information visit: Over 15 companies in the past have created dog restraining systems in the form of car seats, harnesses & attachments in order to keep your dog safe during vehicle transportation. How many of them have actually passed...

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